September 2020 News

September 2020 newsletter with links on DRL and AI scaling, psychiatric disorders; no reviews.
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This is the edi­tion of the newslet­ter; pre­vi­ous, (). This is a sum­mary of the revi­sion-his­tory RSS feed, over­lap­ping with my & ; brought to you by my donors on Patreon.


  • dark mode image han­dling fixed (im­ages are inverted based on auto­mated heuris­tic + man­ual tag­ging); anno­ta­tions can now be ‘defi­n­i­tions’ (popup anno­ta­tions for non-link tex­t); expanded tooltips as fall­back for link anno­ta­tions; bolded abstracts & revised list hier­ar­chy to use bold; changed all dates to YYYY-MM-DD for con­sis­ten­cy; added miss­ing link icons for >7 domains, fixed spac­ing & over­lap­ping, and har­mo­nized opac­ity of all link icons; Pan­doc now uses Math­Jax direct­ly, enabling col­ored equa­tions; inter­nal links to a pre­vi­ous or later sec­tion now point up or down (re­spec­tive­ly) as a nav­i­ga­tion aid; exper­i­men­tal use of prefetch­ing; cus­tom instead of hor­i­zon­tal ruler; sim­pli­fied mobile appear­ance; mis­cel­la­neous bug fixes (as­sisted by new )