December 2020 News

December 2020 newsletter with links on AI and technology; major new site feature: fully-generalized recursive popups.
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De­cem­ber 2020’s newslet­ter is now out; pre­vi­ous, (). This is a sum­mary of the re­vi­sion-his­tory RSS feed, over­lap­ping with my & ; brought to you by my donors on Pa­treon.


  • Gw­ re­cur­sive link an­no­ta­tions (mem­o­ized for effi­ciency in a “Link Bib­li­og­ra­phy”); fully gen­er­al­ized cross-element/page/document/website pop­ups on desk­top (demo); syn­tax high­light­ing of source code pop­ups (demo); di­rec­tory in­dexes

  1. The con­se­quences of cre­at­ing a mouse-scale brain—as op­posed to a ‘mouse-in-a-can’—will be weird: even AI ex­perts have a poor imag­i­na­tion and tend to imag­ine AI minds as ei­ther glo­ri­fied cal­cu­la­tors or hu­man­s-in-a-ro­bot­-suit, rather than try­ing to imag­ine a di­verse Tech­nium richer than bi­o­log­i­cal ecosys­tems filled with minds with bizarre pat­terns of weak­nesses & strengths (GPT-3/AI-Dungeon or AlphaGo/AlphaStar/OA5 ‘delu­sions’ are just the start), evolv­ing at a com­puter pace, fill­ing & cre­at­ing new niches in a global econ­o­my. “The street finds its own use for things”—I can’t pre­dict what some­body in China will do with my anime GANs last year, how can any­one hope to pre­dict what every­one can do with a mind decades from now? If your vi­sion of the fu­ture is not weird & dis­turb­ing (and or­thog­o­nal to cur­rent cul­ture wars), you aren’t try­ing.↩︎