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October 2020 gwern.net newsletter with links on AI scaling, Euclid; further site reorganization & improvement.
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  1. Aside from extremely strong pri­ors about life exten­sion effects (typ­i­cally much small­er) and the low qual­ity of ani­mal research, some of the spe­cific prob­lems with the orig­i­nal result includ­ed:

    • con­tra­dic­tory median/lifespan fig­ures
    • dupli­cate image
    • small sam­ple
    • doses of C60 small enough that the direct antiox­i­dant activ­ity can’t be respon­si­ble
    • bizarre inter­ven­tion, whose jus­ti­fy­ing cites were not pub­lished when exper­i­ment started
    • the C60 was admin­is­tered for brief period (‘imag­ine tak­ing a sup­ple­ment only dur­ing your 40s and dou­bling your lifes­pan’)
    • the mas­sive life exten­sion observed in the olive-oil-only rat­s—not dou­bling, but still implau­si­ble