February 2019 News

February 2019 gwern.net newsletter with 2 essays/projects, site improvements; links on genetics, AI, propaganda, and typography; and 1 opera review.
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This is of the Gw­ern.net newslet­ter; pre­vi­ous, (). This is a sum­mary of the re­vi­sion-his­tory RSS feed, over­lap­ping with my & ; brought to you by my donors on Pa­treon.


  • (; )

  • “Ori­gin of ‘Lit­tle­wood’s Law of Mir­a­cles’”

  • Gw­ern.net CSS/HTML/JS changes: click­-to-zoom im­ages (us­ing image-focus.js); head­ers are now self­-links; Tufte CSS-style epi­graph sup­port; Ta­ble of Con­tents: Wikipedi­a-style sec­tion num­ber­ing, mar­gin & size tweaks, light­weight sub­set of (for Mac user­s); nicer di­a­mond list icons; sleeker side­bar (e­spe­cially nice on mo­bile); PDF/internal/section links are now an­no­tated with icons; bor­ders on ta­bles, im­age fig­ures, and block­quotes; in text & tab­u­lar nu­mer­als in ta­bles; (but not in Chrome due to decade-old lack of hy­phen­ation); nar­rowed max­i­mum body-width in char­ac­ters & made line-height re­spon­sive to body-width (hope­fully ad­dresses the peren­nial com­plaints that pages are al­ways too wide/too narrow/lines too close); quote high­light­ing dis­abled by de­fault; col­lapsi­ble code-blocks; in­line small­caps sup­port; op­ti­mized SVG logo & fav­i­con; page-spe­cific CSS over­rides en­abled; list para­graph bugs in Pan­doc fixed; com­pressed JPEGs; changed code syn­tax-high­light­ing scheme to match over­all es­thet­ics bet­ter; mis­cel­la­neous re­spon­sive design/mobile im­prove­ments

    • image-focus.js (JS/CSS): re­lease of new, cor­rect, light­weight, de­pen­den­cy-free JS li­brary writ­ten by Obor­mot for im­ple­ment­ing “click to zoom” on im­ages (use­ful for large images/graphs)










  • Prac­ti­cal Ty­pog­ra­phy, 2013 (a use­ful if idio­syn­cratic in­tro­duc­tion to ty­pog­ra­phy with a word processor/HTML fo­cus; read­ing through this was help­ful in un­der­stand­ing pos­si­ble CSS/design im­prove­ments while im­prov­ing Gw­ern.net this mon­th)


  1. Fur­ther read­ing from “Ge­nomics of hu­man ag­gres­sion: cur­rent state of genome-wide stud­ies and an au­to­mated sys­tem­atic re­view tool”, Odintsova et al 2019:

    Re­viewed pa­pers from Ta­ble 2:

    Other pa­pers from Ta­ble 3:

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