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March 2020 newsletter with links on pandemics, politics, DL; one anime review.
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  • (an entertainingly eccentric action-historical romp in the spirit of , exploring an unusual time and place: post- on in the last gasp of the . Golden Kamuy suffers a little from its constant digressions into /religion and from often-boring animation in the first season which takes place among the deep snows of winter, but the former is interesting in its own right as I’d never read up on the Ainu and the latter improves in season two which progresses to spring (albeit continues to fail to do it justice). The writing and plotting is rarely boring or insulting to the viewer with relatively few idiotballs, the horror/action of some episodes are quite interesting (eg the serial killer with the erotic fascination with being killed & eaten, the hilariously homoerotic episode justified by Ainu superstitions about otter as aphrodisiacs or the anachronistic episode), and its considerations on themes of survival & war are not inconsiderable.)