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August 2018 newsletter with links on genetic engineering, DRL, research quality, security, economics, and 4 book/movie reviews
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This is the Au­gust 2018 edi­tion of the Gw­ newslet­ter; pre­vi­ous, 2018 (). This is a sum­mary of the re­vi­sion-his­tory RSS feed, over­lap­ping with my & ; brought to you by my donors on Pa­treon.


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  • , (some strik­ing im­ages let down by short sto­ries padding them out; read­ing them in one sit­ting, I thought that only 6 sto­ries seemed like a rather short an­thol­o­gy—but it was ac­tu­ally 8 and I had com­pletely con­fused some of them so much did they over­lap, es­pe­cially the ‘time com­pres­sion’ the­me, which I strug­gled to see how it re­lated to the Space Age at all and is over­wrought. I thought it might pro­vide some ex­am­ples for my es­say but it all comes off as more of a sub­li­mated re­ac­tion to psy­che­delics than the Space Age. To in­vert The Mar­t­ian Chron­i­cles effec­tive­ly, Bal­lard would have had to vary the top­ics much more, gone less into his in­ex­plic­a­ble meta­physics of time, and made the sto­ries lean­er.)



  • (2018; while fea­tur­ing some of the typ­i­cally un­nec­es­sar­ily con­vo­luted plot­ting of the Mar­vel movies and id­iot-bal­l-hold­ing, An­t-Man pleas­antly sur­prised me with a steady fare of hu­mor and ac­tion scenes show­ing that some­one in­volved once thought for a few sec­onds about how to effec­tively use shrink-rays, and did­n’t feel like it was 2 hours long)