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  • A Life of Sir Francis Galton (review)
  • On Speed: The Many Lives of Amphetamine, Rasmussen 2008 (particularly interesting for the inside information about how early American pharmacorps & drug development worked, but much weaker past the ’70s; at least, if you can get past Rasmussen’s huge bias against amphetamines and blind support for the disastrous War on Drugs)



  • (Bit of a ’90s nostalgia trip. Awkward frame narration aside, this is one of the paradigmatic interpretation of Bill Gates & Steve Jobs from before they entered their second or third acts—Jobs when Jobs had ruined Apple but not yet saved it, Gates when Gates was widely vilified as a monotone psychopath nerd and was not yet canonized Saint Gates for devoting his fortune to Third-Worlders. Watching it, I find myself astonished yet again how Microsoft became so dominant and Bill Gates the richest man in history. How did it happen? It just doesn’t seem possible, even after you read event by event descriptions. How could it be that Gates could go to IBM offering them a simple operating system, a thing that was always before then, and we can see is even now with Android and Linux and Apple, something that was relatively unimportant compared to the hardware and easily copied or surpassed, and build its empire on this? It makes no sense. But it happened anyway.)


  • (a strange relict. It’s as if Macross cuckolded Streets of Fire with Akira while Miyazaki perved at the window and the Gainax boys took notes. Episode 1 in particular crosses so many genres and does so much in so little time that even non-fans of 1980s anime might find it worthwhile.)
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