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Mayer Amschel Rothschild

  • Born 1743, Frankfurt am Main, to goldsmith Moses Amschel Bauer.
  • Coin dealer, later diversified.
  • Married Güttel Schnapper, 29 Aug 1770.
  • Died 19 Sep 1812.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild

  • Born 16 Sep 1777.
  • England. Naturalized 12 Jun 1804.
  • 1810, Sir Francis Baring and Abraham Goldsmid die. Rothschild is the remaining major banker in England.
  • In 1815, advance news from Waterloo permitted him to speculate on the London stock market, making him a sizable fortune.
  • "I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply."
  • Dies 1836.

Rothschild Diaspora

  • Amschel Mayer Rothschild, 1773-1855, Frankfurt. Married Eva Hanau, 1796 (she dies 1848.) "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws."
  • Salomon Mayer Rothschild, 9-Sep-1774 to 28-Jul-1855, Vienna. Married Caroline Stern, 1800 (she dies, 1854.) Bank closed by the Nazis.
  • Karl Mayer Rothschild, 1788-1868, To Naples in 1821.
  • James Mayer Rothschild, 1792-1868, To Paris in 1812.

French Branch

Baron Edmond James de Rothschild

  • Zionist, one of the benefactors of the early state of Israel.

Baron Maurice de Rothschild

  • Born 1881.
  • Marries Noémie Halphen (1888-1968) in 1909.
  • Player in the U.S. stock market.
  • Died 1957, Paris.

Baron Edmond de Rothschild

  • Born 1926 to Baron Maurice de Rothschild.
  • Grandfather is Baron Edmond James de Rothschild, noted Zionist benefactor.
  • 1955, founds Compagnie Financiere, Paris.
  • Richest of the living Rothschilds in the 1990's. Ranked 5th richest man in France.
  • Wife Nadine in 1963.
  • Son Benjamin born in 1963. He married Ariane Langner.
  • Owned 3 wineries in Bordeaux.
  • Died 3 Nov 1997, Emphysema, Geneva.

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild

  • Born 1963.
  • Estimated wealth $2.5B
  • Resides in Geneva, Chateau de Pregny.

Jacob H. Schiff

  • Born Frankfurt 1847.
  • To US in 1865.
  • Citizen 1870.
  • In 1875 married into Kuhn Loeb and Co., taking it over in 1885.
  • Finances purchase of Union Pacific for Edward Harriman (father of W. Averell Harriman.)
  • Funds Japan in the 1905 Russo-Japanese War.
  • Knew John D Rockefeller, Edward R Harriman, Andrew Carnagie.
  • Died in 1920.



  • Haym Solomon, helped finance Revolutionary War.
  • Judah Benjamin (potential Rothschild connection to Benjamin Davis)
  • Has worked closely with George Soros

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