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This page is a changelog for Gw­ a monthly re­verse chrono­log­i­cal list of re­cent ma­jor writings/changes/additions.

Fol­low­ing my writ­ing can be a lit­tle diffi­cult be­cause it is often so in­cre­men­tal. So every mon­th, in ad­di­tion to my reg­u­lar sub­red­dit sub­mis­sions, I write up rea­son­ably-in­ter­est­ing changes and in ad­di­tion to a com­pi­la­tion of links & re­views ().


December 2020

  • Gw­ re­cur­sive link an­no­ta­tions (mem­o­ized for effi­cien­cy); cross-page/document pop­ups (demo); syn­tax high­light­ing of source code pop­ups (demo); di­rec­tory in­dexes

November 2020

  • On De­vel­op­ment Hell
  • Gw­ dark­-mode rewrite com­plete (fixes page load flash & laggy scrolling) arabesque nav­i­ga­tion bar in footer with JS key­board short­cuts; Mono font & cus­tom -like syn­tax high­light­ing for code blocks; new /moon icons for hor­i­zon­tal rulers; im­ages in Wikipedia pop­ups; new in­ter­nal link/citation con­ven­tion for mul­ti­ple ci­ta­tions

October 2020

  • more Gw­ fixes of in­fe­lic­i­ties & out­dated in­fra­struc­ture: ma­jor ones: line-break­ing on slash­es, hy­phen­ation & jus­ti­fied text on Chrome desk­top browsers us­ing Ed­ward Kmet­t’s at com­pile-time; ful­l-width mo­bile im­ages; rewrote GoodReads con­ver­sion for much more read­able ; brows­able di­rec­to­ries; popup an­no­ta­tions now ren­der more like body.

    Dark mode users should have no­ticed it’s im­proved con­sid­er­ably; most of the other fixes ei­ther are more sub­tle (con­sis­ten­cy, cor­rect for­mat­ting, edge-cas­es, bold rather than ital­ic­s), or rewrit­ing old hacks to pay off tech­ni­cal debt. In gen­er­al, it should just look nicer and more pleas­ant, and be a lit­tle eas­ier for me to write.

    Mi­nor ones:

    • I wrote up things we’ve tried & aban­doned

    • rewrote GoodReads con­ver­sion for much more read­able ; be­gan com­pil­ing all movie/TV/opera re­views into ; be­gan copy­ing all MAL anime/manga re­views & lo­cal­iz­ing into ; all GR re­views have been moved to gw­ per­ma­nently

    • dark mode:

      • popup white­ness fixed
      • im­age han­dling fixed (im­ages are in­verted & col­or­space-ro­tated based on au­to­mated heuris­tic + man­ual tag­ging); tweaks like high­light­ing to make in­line code blocks read­able
      • bright­ness de­creased to en­able a pure black back­ground with­out the white fore­ground be­ing blind­ing
    • new : re­vealed a num­ber of mi­nor bugs, makes it much eas­ier to test changes for cor­rect­ness

    • popup an­no­ta­tions:

      • popup an­no­ta­tions now ren­der more like body: they have link icons, para­graphs, prop­erly in­dented lists, mul­ti­-col­umn sup­port etc

      • an­no­ta­tions (titles/authors/abstracts) are auto-smallcaps/hyphenated like the body, mak­ing them more con­sis­tent and re­duc­ing the an­no­ta­tion toil in adding small­caps spans

      • au­to­matic an­no­ta­tions get some rewrite rules like ‘N=’ → ‘n =’

      • an­no­ta­tions can now be ‘de­fi­n­i­tions’ (popup an­no­ta­tions for non-link text)

      • pop­ups can now be ar­bi­trary IDs, not just sec­tions or an­no­ta­tions (same as the re­verse-foot­note pop­ups)

        • links pop up with a ‘con­text’, to sup­port my new ci­ta­tion con­ven­tion: every ci­ta­tion is ei­ther a full­text hy­per­link with an­no­ta­tion, or a link back to an­other use of that ci­ta­tion with more context/discussion. (This ex­ploits the new au­to­matic ID gen­er­a­tion so a link like [Foo et al 2020](/docs/ai/2020-foo.pdf) gets an HTML ID like #foo-et-al-2020, mak­ing it ex­tremely easy to link else­where like for more details on the scaling laws, see the earlier discussion of scaling papers like [Kaplan et al 2020](#kaplan-et-al-2020).)
      • tooltips are shorted ver­sions of link an­no­ta­tions, as a fall­back for non-JS or mo­bile users

      • bolded ab­stracts (man­ual & au­to­mat­i­cal­ly)

      • Arxiv ab­stracts now parsed as LaTeX first (fix­ing a lot of weird­ness); wrong pub­li­ca­tion dates bug fixed & re­ported up­stream (up­stream re­fuses to fix, so forked)

      • PLOS/PubMed/Wikipedia ab­stracts for­mat­ting greatly im­proved (and fixed up­stream)

      • MedRxiv sup­port

      • <video> tag sup­port

      • re­moved bro­ken re­verse search link

      • bet­ter au­thor trun­ca­tion

      • au­thor ini­tials get pe­ri­ods (“John H Smith” → “John H. Smith”; sur­pris­ingly com­mon in a lot of bib­li­o­graphic meta­data)

      • re­built all Wikipedia & Arxiv link an­no­ta­tions to bring up to date and with new for­mat­ting

        • Wikipedia an­no­ta­tions now in­clude im­age thumb­nails, which get au­to-in­verted like reg­u­lar im­ages for dark mode view­ers
      • au­to­matic an­no­ta­tions stored as YAML; more con­sis­tent, sim­pler im­ple­men­ta­tion, and makes a lot eas­ier to copy au­to­matic an­no­ta­tions into the man­ual an­no­ta­tions for im­prove­ment

      • an­no­ta­tions can now be selected/copy-pasted (this was dis­abled pre­vi­ous­ly, for un­clear rea­sons)

      • added columns

    • refac­tored the site in­fra­struc­ture into a sep­a­rate repo

    • mo­bile:

      • sim­pli­fied mo­bile ap­pear­ance, re­duced ital­ics over-usage
      • ful­l-width (edge-to-edge) mo­bile im­ages (uses ~20% more hor­i­zon­tal space)
    • ty­pog­ra­phy: rewrite pass to in­sert <wbr> to en­able line-break­ing on slash­es; rewrite pass to in­sert soft hy­phens for hy­phen­ation & jus­ti­fied text on Chrome desk­top browsers us­ing Ed­ward Kmet­t’s

      • fixed Sa­fari dou­ble hy­phen bug, re­ported up­stream
    • re­vised list hi­er­ar­chy to use bold (ie bold → small­caps → ital­ics; small­caps → italic → bold or small­caps → bold → italic made no vi­su­al-em­pha­sis sense, and I think it re­sulted in small­caps overuse); switched or­dered lists to up­per­case Ro­man nu­mer­als to avoid con­fu­sion with low­er­case al­pha­betic nu­mer­als; added a third-level icon, and made ordered/unordered lists & block­quotes cy­cle through 3 styles based on depth

    • ‘pre­vi­ous’/‘top of page’/‘next’ nav­i­ga­tion links added to all pages be­neath the foot­notes

      • ex­ploit­ing that new meta­data about page se­quenc­ing, a JS wid­get will au­to­mat­i­cally load the next/previous page if you are at the bottom/top of a page & hit a down/up key twice within 0.5s
    • sim­pli­fied side­notes ap­pear­ance (re­moved dou­ble-lin­ing, merged the num­ber box with the main box)

    • au­to-s­mall­caps: catches more acronyms/initialisms, and rewrit­ten to avoid deeply nested du­pli­cate spans (an un­for­tu­nate con­se­quence of sub­sti­tu­tion + Pan­doc AST walk­ing, re­quir­ing a switch to brute­force string sub­sti­tu­tion); head­ers no longer small­caps (which looked weird)

    • meta­data blocks are com­piled to HTML; be­fore, they were in­lined as raw Mark­down, which was un­for­tu­nate, but tricky to fix

    • is now a gen­er­ated page rather than a pile of man­u­al­ly-edited HTML, so it will no longer be per­pet­u­ally out of sync in style/content

    • cus­tom based on the list icons in­stead of hor­i­zon­tal ruler

    • in­fla­tion ad­justers: tooltips were wrong; Bit­coin ad­juster now in­ter­po­lates or ex­trap­o­lates for miss­ing ex­change-rate dates in­stead of crash­ing

    • brows­able di­rec­to­ries on gw­ & TWDNE (eg /docs/)

    • changed all dates to YYYY-MM-DD for con­sis­tency

    • cut down wasted white­space mar­gin in lists/blockquotes (which looked es­pe­cially ridicu­lous on mo­bile), and head­ers

    • added miss­ing link icons for 10+ do­mains, fixed spac­ing & over­lap­ping, and har­mo­nized opac­ity of all link icons; fixed Sub­stack back­ground, Ope­nAI size

    • Pan­doc now uses Math­jax di­rect­ly, en­abling col­ored equa­tions

    • col­lapse sec­tions have el­lipses

    • ‘ab­stract’ class gen­er­al­ized, so pages can have mul­ti­ple ab­stracts, sim­pli­fy­ing for­mat­ting (the man­ual drop-cap­s+s­mall­caps are then re­dun­dant)

    • in­ter­nal links to a pre­vi­ous or later link ID (usu­ally a sec­tion) now have an ar­row icon point­ing up or down (re­spec­tive­ly) as a nav­i­ga­tion aid

    • ex­per­i­men­tal use of prefetch­ing

    • tag pages now in columns

    • im­proved ad­mo­ni­tion icons (ugly or did­n’t show up in dark mode, or at all on An­droid) & spac­ing

    • the <code> syn­tax high­light­ing (out­lined box) looks bet­ter in­side links

    • re­moved dead CSS & code

    • short­ened page de­scrip­tions & ti­tles

    • up­dated last-mod­i­fied meta­data on most pages

    • checked all pages for MIME types and sta­tus, re­veal­ing a num­ber of in­fi­nite redi­rect er­rors

    • WWW archive: no crawl head­ers; force UTF-8 charset header for Mark­down sources (for Chrome)

    • all Twit­ter.­com → Nit­ (sta­t­ic, more re­li­able)

    • con­verted sim­ple LaTeX for­mu­las to HTML where pos­si­ble; added spaces to var­i­ous equalities/inequalities

    • fixed blur­ri­ness on highlighting/selecting text

    • mar­gin notes are now selectable/clickable (z-in­dex er­ror)

    • set up /r/mlscaling as a more con­ve­nient way to browse “Mat­ters of Scale” topic links

    Known out­stand­ing bugs:

    • no popup an­no­ta­tions for mo­bile

    • some users re­port pop­ups ‘cy­cle’ rapidly in and out of ex­is­tence; we have been un­able to repli­cate this and don’t know why it hap­pens

    • dark mode is slow, be­cause browsers im­ple­ment fil­ters like in­ver­sion very slow­ly. Sor­ry.

    • dark mode is slow to load, yield­ing a ‘flash of white’

      In­ject­ing CSS does­n’t work be­cause browsers seem to ig­nore it un­til after the page loads, with the ex­cep­tion of set­ting a class, which how­ever breaks all the ex­ist­ing dark mode CSS.

    • mar­gin notes over­lap with side­notes, and side­notes may be over­lap as well (desk­top)

    • side­notes are laid out even when they’re in col­lapsed sec­tions

    • popup an­no­ta­tions may not cor­rectly dis­play LaTeX/math

  • com­piled all &

September 2020

  • Gw­ dark mode im­age han­dling fixed (im­ages are in­verted based on au­to­mated heuris­tic + man­ual tag­ging); an­no­ta­tions can now be ‘de­fi­n­i­tions’ (popup an­no­ta­tions for non-link tex­t); ex­panded tooltips as fall­back for link an­no­ta­tions; bolded ab­stracts & re­vised list hi­er­ar­chy to use bold; changed all dates to YYYY-MM-DD for con­sis­ten­cy; added miss­ing link icons for 7 do­mains, fixed spac­ing & over­lap­ping, and har­mo­nized opac­ity of all link icons; Pan­doc now uses Math­Jax di­rect­ly, en­abling col­ored equa­tions; in­ter­nal links to a pre­vi­ous or later sec­tion now point up or down (re­spec­tive­ly) as a nav­i­ga­tion aid; ex­per­i­men­tal use of prefetch­ing; in­stead of hor­i­zon­tal ruler; sim­pli­fied mo­bile ap­pear­ance; many mis­cel­la­neous bug fixes

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December 2019

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February 2019

  • ()

  • “Ori­gin of ‘Lit­tle­wood’s Law of Mir­a­cles’”

  • Gw­ CSS/HTML/JS changes: click­-to-zoom im­ages (us­ing image-focus.js); head­ers are now self­-links; Tufte CSS-style epi­graph sup­port; Ta­ble of Con­tents: Wikipedi­a-style sec­tion num­ber­ing, mar­gin & size tweaks, light­weight sub­set of (for Mac user­s); nicer di­a­mond list icons; sleeker side­bar (e­spe­cially nice on mo­bile); PDF/internal/section links are now an­no­tated with icons; bor­ders on ta­bles, im­age fig­ures, and block­quotes; in text & tab­u­lar nu­mer­als in ta­bles; (but not in Chrome due to decade-old lack of hy­phen­ation); nar­rowed max­i­mum body-width in char­ac­ters & made line-height re­spon­sive to body-width (hope­fully ad­dresses the peren­nial com­plaints that pages are al­ways too wide/too narrow/lines too close); quote high­light­ing dis­abled by de­fault; col­lapsi­ble code-blocks; in­line small­caps sup­port; op­ti­mized SVG logo & fav­i­con; page-spe­cific CSS over­rides en­abled; list para­graph bugs in Pan­doc fixed; com­pressed JPEGs; changed code syn­tax-high­light­ing scheme to match over­all es­thet­ics bet­ter; mis­cel­la­neous re­spon­sive design/mobile im­prove­ments

    • image-focus.js (JS/CSS): re­lease of new, cor­rect, light­weight, de­pen­den­cy-free JS li­brary writ­ten by Obor­mot for im­ple­ment­ing “click to zoom” on im­ages (use­ful for large images/graphs)

January 2019


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  • moved newslet­ter from MailChimp to TinyLet­ter due to ex­or­bi­tant MailChimp fees

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  • Gw­ up­dates: Google Ad­Sense ban­ner ads re­moved (due to ini­tial analy­sis of A/B test re­sult­s); URL scheme changed to re­place spaces by hy­phens & delete commas/apostrophes (due to per­sis­tent user er­ror); footer moved to side­bar; re-tag­ging pages; font/CSS tweaked for faster loads & wider mar­gins; hosted doc­u­ments re­or­ga­nized & ex­panded with per­sonal archives; be­gan buy­ing & scan­ning all cited books to pro­vide full­texts; added sitemap gen­er­a­tion to ex­pose full­texts to search en­gines

July 2017

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  • Gw­ HTTPS now manda­to­ry; HTML sec­tions rewrit­ten us­ing HTML5 se­man­tic markup for hope­fully bet­ter com­pat­i­bil­ity with screen read­ers & offline browsers like Pocket/ReadItLater; “im­por­tance” meta­data added to all pages to rank them; “be­lief” meta­data re­named more in­tu­itively as “con­fi­dence”; fin­ish adding 301 Redi­rects for all bro­ken links & com­mon ty­pos; re­named & all dark­net mar­ket pages for cur­rent ter­mi­nol­o­gy; rewrote Pa­treon pro­file

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  • rewrote Gw­ CSS to be mo­bile-friend­ly; should now be read­able in an iPhone 6 browser
  • wrote two sum­mer po­ems, on earth­worms and the rain

May 2015

March 2015

  • LLLT self­-ex­per­i­ment fin­ished: no effect (so ear­lier cor­rel­a­tive re­sults were grossly over­es­ti­mat­ed; I’m start­ing to ex­pect this from any­thing non-ran­dom­ized…)
  • an ICE sub­poena on my Red­dit ac­count caused me a good deal of trou­ble
  • play­ing with in­fer­ring Bayesian net­works for my Zeo & body weight data (pow­er­ful gen­er­al­iza­tion of SEMs, but re­quires a lot of data be­fore net­works sta­bi­lize)

February 2015

  • : split out of Silk Road page & be­gan bring­ing up­-to-date with all known in­ci­dents across all mar­kets
  • elec­tric vs stove ket­tle boil­ing-time analy­sis: col­lected some sim­ple data on my ket­tles & demon­strated some sta­tis­tics tools on the dataset like a Bayesian mea­sure­men­t-er­ror model

January 2015


December 2014

Noth­ing fin­ished.

November 2014

October 2014



September 2014




  • “Effec­tive Use of arbtt”:

    My win­dow tracker/time-logger of choice is arbtt which records X win­dow info for later clas­si­fi­ca­tion and analy­sis; but one of the chal­lenges is you don’t know how to set up arbtt or im­prove your en­vi­ron­ment or write clas­si­fi­ca­tions rules. So I wrote a tu­to­r­i­al.

  • : wrote a Bash im­ple­men­ta­tion of se­r­ial hash­ing time-lock cryp­to, link to all known im­ple­men­ta­tions of hash time-lock crypto

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January 2014

Dark­net mar­kets:

  • I have be­gun sys­tem­at­i­cally spi­der­ing all op­er­a­tional Eng­lish dark­net mar­kets




  • diff of “Ra­di­ance” and part I of Ra­di­ance


  • rewrote con­fig­u­ra­tion for Hakyll 4
  • con­verted site’s Darcs repos­i­tory to Git & hosted on GitHub


December 2013

Dark­net mar­kets:





November 2013

An­other busy mon­th:

October 2013

My fo­cus for Oc­to­ber was cop­ing with the fall­out from the bust of Silk Road­—deal­ing with the rev­e­la­tions, copy­ing the SR fo­rums, track­ing down leads, talk­ing to var­i­ous peo­ple, record­ing the en­su­ing ar­rests, track­ing the dark­net mar­kets pop­ping up in its wake… I still have much ma­te­r­ial to work through, but some things I man­aged to do in­clud­ed:

I de­cided to post my most ex­ten­sive self­-ex­per­i­ment yet, on . While there was a lot of crit­i­cism, I still re­gard it as worth­while and set­ting a new bench­mark for any fu­ture re­search in that area.

My sys­tem ben­e­fited from com­ments on Hacker News telling me how to use archive.­to­day; this may help me out quite a bit in the fu­ture.

A/B test­ing has been ac­tive since Hacker News traffic fur­nished large sam­ple sizes:

September 2013

August 2013

  • A/B test­ing: the line-height test found no differ­ence, so I did a quick one where I tested an empty test to check the A/B test­ing tool I’m us­ing; I suc­cess­fully failed to re­ject the null. The next test is whether un­der­lin­ing hy­per­links an­noys peo­ple or not.

  • : I wrote a Haskell pro­gram to parse my GoodReads rat­ings & re­views into flat Pan­doc Mark­down; it works some­what well, it seems to be eat­ing block­quotes & neu­ter­ing hy­per­links, I’m not sure why. Was also an op­por­tu­nity to clean up some re­views: in­line some of them, spellcheck, ex­pand ref­er­ences & links, which was a lot of work. But it’s nice to have my re­views gath­ered some­where with a read­able in­ter­face. kiba thinks the work may pay for it­self in affil­i­ate rev­enue with Ama­zon, but I’m skep­ti­cal.

  • : Added a hun­dred pages or so. An­no­tat­ing some of it is quite diffi­cult; Scholz’s fa­mil­iar­ity with Wag­n­er’s op­eras is a chal­lenge, since I’ve only ever read his Ring Cy­cle.

  • I’ve started two new self­-ex­per­i­ments:

  • Touhou mu­sic growth rate: made a lit­tle more progress on Touhou mu­sic, with an analy­sis # of re­leases vs time: seems like we may’ve reached peak Touhou in 2009.

  • Silk Road mir­rors: I’ve started host­ing pub­lic copies of sub­sets of the dark­net mar­kets; these are back­ups for par­tic­u­lar in­ci­dents or time­series

  • Spaced rep­e­ti­tion sta­tis­tics: I’ve been an­a­lyz­ing my Mnemosyne data and the gi­ant pub­lic data­base for time of day effects. While my re­sults aren’t con­clu­sive, my analy­sis of 48m flash­card re­views from the pub­lic data­base finds that the best time to study your flash­cards seem to be noon. A lit­tle sur­pris­ing, you’d think that late at night, be­fore bed­time, would be the best time.

  • My polls aren’t done be­cause I got a much lower rate of re­sponses to the polls than I was hop­ing for and only got enough re­sponses in the fi­nal poll the other day.

July 2013

In­ter­est­ing things I wrote dur­ing Ju­ly:

  • : Sta­tis­ti­cal analy­sis of all my emails from Google Alerts to see whether/when they started to be less use­ful.
  • : A Quan­ti­fied Selfer and a few other guys did some med­i­ta­tion while do­ing an arith­metic game; turned out to be a per­fect ap­pli­ca­tion for mul­ti­level mod­el­ing
  • Sleep and lu­nar phases: A re­cent pa­per claimed that there’s a phase-of-the-moon effect on cir­ca­dian rhythms; since I have so much sleep data on my­self, I thought I’d see if there’s any effect…
  • : con­tin­ues to pro­gress; I closed the LW poll and set up 3 new polls on Gw­ to test prob­lems with the orig­i­nal poll.
  • Bet­ting Made a list of things I’ve bet on or at least tried to bet on with peo­ple (as op­posed to pre­dic­tion mar­ket use). Dis­ap­point­ingly short.
  • : I’ve started tran­scrib­ing and an­no­tat­ing one of my fa­vorite tech/lit nov­els. It’s mostly done.
  • Ci­cadas for din­ner: I fi­nally got around to eat­ing the ci­cadas I caught dur­ing the most re­cent Mary­land emer­gence; so of course I had to write up this outré din­ing.

Right now, I’m lis­ten­ing through my Re­itai­sai 10 down­loads (more Touhou mu­sic work); and work­ing with this coach who is in­ter­ested in pre­dict­ing triple-jump per­for­mance by col­lege ath­letes, and has col­lected a bunch of data about triple-jumpers.

June 2013

Hm, what did I get done this June…

It was a lit­tle bor­ing, hon­est­ly; jury duty was a men­tal dis­trac­tion where I could­n’t plan to do any­thing but I ul­ti­mately wound up go­ing in once and not be­ing picked up for the ju­ry! So I spent a lot of time sim­ply dig­ging up full­text pa­pers for ci­ta­tions, so at least there’s now some­thing like an­other 100 pa­pers avail­able on­line for melatonin/nicotine/modafinil etc…

  • I was think­ing of try­ing to meta-an­a­lyze the cor­re­la­tion of lithium in drink­ing-wa­ter with suicides/murders/mental-illness, but after I got copies of all the ci­ta­tions I knew of, I’m not sure the data is ho­moge­nous to do that, which is dis­ap­point­ing, and the meta-analy­sis papers/textbooks I’ve checked don’t seem to be very en­cour­ag­ing about the util­ity of do­ing it with epi­demi­ol­ogy stuff.
  • And re­or­ga­niz­ing & fix­ing bro­ken links & up­dat­ing var­i­ous pages (I fig­ured out how to make a fun for­est plot show­ing the active/passive split in dual n-back stud­ies)
  • My long-run­ning font A/B test fin­ished but with the most bor­ing pos­si­ble re­sults of close to zero differ­ence be­tween the 4 fonts
  • I re­searched an old fam­ily friend in his 90s who has never been will­ing to talk about his gov­ern­ment work dur­ing the Cold War and found some stuff us­ing re­leased Cen­sus records, but that’s not re­ally of in­ter­est to other peo­ple, and I de­cided to not make it pub­lic. Like­wise when I added ~40 book re­views from my old notes to my Goodreads ac­count.
  • I man­aged to trace an ar­rested drug dealer back to his Silk Road ac­count, which was some­what in­ter­est­ing: Red­dit dis­cus­sion
  • Is one fa­mil­iar with Fukuyama & ‘the end of his­tory’? I think he’s right but no one seems to agree with me, so I wrote a short es­say de­fend­ing him Like most po­lit­i­cal es­says, it’s prob­a­bly worse than I re­al­ize.
  • From my per­spec­tive, prob­a­bly the most in­ter­est­ing thing I wrote all month was , point­ing out the ob­so­lete sci­ence be­hind some stuff writ­ten off as fan­ta­sy.

May 2013

  • I’ve made a lit­tle more progress on the Touhou project

  • Added 2 new stud­ies to the DNB meta-analy­sis and also a new co­vari­ate (whether pay­ment re­duces gains: it does­n’t)

  • up­dated my analy­sis of SDr’s sleep data

  • oh wait, I did do a new pro­ject: ap­plied sur­vival analy­sis to mod­el­ing fic­tion re­views

    And in my Google analy­sis (which I credit to last month and not May, even if it went vi­ral in early May), I added in ran­dom sur­vival forests, fix­ing that gap in eval­u­at­ing pre­dic­tion meth­ods, which was a lit­tle bur­den of guilt off my mind.

    While I was at it, I re­pro­duced that re­cent pa­per an­a­lyz­ing Bit­coin ex­change shut­down or theft risk. The dude’s since given me his source code. (What can I say? Sur­vival analy­sis is a great ham­mer, and it cost me enough tears and sweat to learn how to use the R li­brary that I plan to use it every­where I can.)

  • I started a lit­tle Noopept self­-ex­per­i­ment us­ing the Noopept some­one gave me, but un­for­tu­nately they gave me too lit­tle for the re­sults to be very mean­ing­ful (see the power analy­sis); but maybe they will have a trend and I can try a big­ger ex­per­i­ment lat­er.

  • TruBrain sent me a mon­th’s sup­ply of their al­l-in-one nootrop­ic, but I haven’t tried it yet be­cause it would in­ter­fere with the Noopept. I also pur­chased mag­ne­sium l-thre­onate, which is a dis­ap­point­ment so far, and some nico­tine patch­es, which I haven’t used yet. A small sam­ple or­der from a new modafinil web­site sell­ing the usual In­dian Modalert is in progress but has­n’t ar­rived yet. (It ul­ti­mately did not ar­rive as the de­liv­ery re­quired a sig­na­ture.)

  • I have a weird lit­tle in pro­gress; we’ll see where that goes

  • I posted an analy­sis I wrote a few months ago in pri­vate of whether a par­tic­u­lar ven­dor on Silk Road is a fed­eral mole (prob­a­bly not)

Ac­tu­al­ly, I guess it was over­all a pretty pro­duc­tive month. Prob­a­bly helped that jury duty has so far turned out to be a bust: I’ve been on call since 21 May but have yet to ac­tu­ally go into the cour­t­house to do any­thing.



“But where shall wis­dom be found?
And where is the place of un­der­stand­ing?
Man knoweth not the price there­of;
nei­ther is it found in the land of the liv­ing
…for the price of wis­dom is above ru­bies.”

28:12 ()

Here is ma­te­r­ial I’ve worked on in the 477 days since my last up­date. In roughly chrono­log­i­cal & top­i­cal or­der, here are the ma­jor ad­di­tions to Gw­

Tran­scribed or trans­lat­ed:

More tech­ni­cal:




“I’d like to poi­son your mind
With wrong ideas that ap­peal to you
Though I am not un­kind…”

“Whistling in the Dark”, ,

Per my past prac­tice of link­ing stuff I think LW­ers will find in­ter­est­ing, here is what I’ve been up to late­ly:

  1. “Politi­cians are Eth­i­cal”: ap­ply­ing base-rate ne­glect
  2. Modafinil: a du­al-pronged ar­gu­ment for low-balling es­ti­mates of modafinil harm by point­ing to both tem­po­ral and qual­ity dis­count­ing of health in old age. (If you missed it the first time around, I still think my mini-tu­to­r­ial on drug or­der­ing with Bayes’s the­o­rem is worth read­ing.)
  3. : ar­gu­ment that the usual be­lief of ‘moral progress’ and the ‘ex­pand­ing cir­cle’ as­sume many of their con­clu­sions by point­ing to the be­liefs and classes of en­ti­ties dis­carded along the way. (As many LW­ers share those as­sump­tions and will be un­sym­pa­thet­ic, the in­ter­est­ing parts may be the ap­pen­dices on per­pe­tu­ities and waqfs, inas­much as those bear di­rectly on cry­on­ic­s.)
  4. Both Modafinil and have been ex­panded with scores more links to stud­ies & PDFs. ( and are nex­t.)
  5. “World­build­ing: The Lights in the Sky are Sacs” is a silly bit of SF/alternate his­tory spec­u­la­tion in­volv­ing float­ing hy­dro­gen-sac or­gan­isms.
  6. “Wikipedia and Knol” has been com­plet­ed, as the 7 pre­dic­tions I made on the mat­ter have been judged thanks to Google’s re­cent an­nounce­ments; I blew one.
  7. Stuff which is in­com­plete or which is just a pile of notes:
  8. I stuck a link in the footer of every page to a Google spread­sheet form, bor­row­ing the idea from Luke Muehlhauser - I’ve only got­ten 1 feed­back so far, IIRC, but that was be­fore I put it in the footer and up­dated all the pages a few hours ago. (As of 2015, there are hun­dreds of re­sponses and I con­sider the feed­back form to have paid its way; see my later writeup de­tail­ing the ben­e­fit­s.)