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back­ground on diffi­cult pre­dic­tions: orig­i­nal

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Eva 01

Eva 02

Eva 05

Eva 05 was Tun­niel 45% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3694

Eva 06

Eva 06 is Adam orig­i­nal orig­i­nal orig­i­nal 35% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3695

Eva 07

Eva 08

MP Evas

The MP Evas will ap­pear in 3.0 or 4.0 70% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3681



Lorenz Keel is the Pope orig­i­nal 1% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3342






Mari is the daugh­ter of Asuka & Shinji from an ‘orig­i­nal’ EoE-verse orig­i­nal 3% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3673

Mar­i’s goals and align­ment are murky (per­haps be­cause even Khara has no idea what she’s sup­posed to do, per the CRC):

Ontological status

There cer­tainly has been a lot of spec­u­la­tion on what Mari is:


In 3.0, Mari will at­tend school as a reg­u­lar stu­dent orig­i­nal 35% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3661

At some point in the last 2 movies Mari will say ‘anta baka?’ 45% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3659

At some point in the last 2 movies Mari will ap­pear in EoE-style eye­/arm ban­dages 50% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3660

Mari marked for death by SEELE at some point orig­i­nal 50% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3658

Mari will not sur­vive past the 50 minute mark in 3.0 orig­i­nal 20% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3657

a Mari x Shinji end­ing orig­i­nal 5% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3656


Shinji is a full An­gel a la Re-Take (not a hu­man-an­gel hy­brid) orig­i­nal 15% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3654

Shinji will kill Gendo orig­i­nal 20% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3655

Shinji will die, per­ma­nent­ly, and not tran­scend or con­tinue to ex­ist in some sense orig­i­nal 25% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3702


Asuka will pi­lot an Eva against the MP Evas in 3.0 or 4.0, con­tin­gent on MP Evas ap­pear­ing 75% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3653

Ontological status

Cur­rent bi­ol­o­gy:




Asuka will be em­ployed by SEELE against NERV or Shinji 30% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3649

Asuka vs. Shinji death-fight orig­i­nal 25% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3648

3.0 Asuka will pi­lot Eva unit-06; it will go to Ter­mi­nal Dogma and Asuka will beg Shinji to kill her orig­i­nal 15% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/2637

Asuka Shik­i­nami is a clone of an­other Asuka and Shik­i­nami is then dis­posed of orig­i­nal 20% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3647

3.0 Asuka has no rec­ol­lec­tion of any­thing and will call her­self “Asuka Lan­g­ley So­ryu” orig­i­nal 15% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3646

Asuka will ap­pear lit­tle after 2.0 and have an unim­por­tant off-screen death orig­i­nal 10% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3645

Asuka will have more screen­time in 3.0 than in 2.0 (as mea­sured by length in sec­onds of scenes in­volv­ing her) 40% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3642

Asuka’s sur­name’s change to Shik­i­nami will re­ceive no in­-u­ni­verse ex­pla­na­tion 35% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3640 Asuka’s sur­name’s change to Shik­i­nami will re­ceive an in­-u­ni­verse ex­pla­na­tion and will per­tain to Sec­ond Im­pact/the four FARs in Mis­ato’s 2.0 flash­back 50% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3641

In 3.0, Asuka will have been pro­moted 50% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3638 In 3.0, Asuka will have been pro­moted to ma­jor orig­i­nal 40% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3639

In 3.0, Asuka will not re­mem­ber the Mat­sushiro in­ci­dent of 2.0 orig­i­nal 30% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3637

The Key of Neb­uchad­nez­zar will be im­planted into Asuka 20% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3635 The Key of Neb­uchad­nez­zar will be im­planted into Asuka, un­der her eye­-patch orig­i­nal 18% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3636

Any In­stru­men­tal­i­ty/Third Im­pact in 3.0 or 4.0 will fo­cus on Asuka rather than Shinji (as mea­sured by sec­onds of screen­time) orig­i­nal 25% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3634

Asuka & Shinji will kiss orig­i­nal 70% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3632 Asuka & Shinji will kiss and the kiss will be ini­ti­ated by Shinji (rather than Asuka as in NGE TV) orig­i­nal orig­i­nal 45% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3633

Con­tin­gent upon there be­ing a stran­gu­la­tion scene sim­i­lar to EoE, Asuka will stran­gle Shinji orig­i­nal 30% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3631

Asuka x Shinji end­ing orig­i­nal 70% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3630



‘Gi­ant naked Rei’ will rise again from the LCL sea dur­ing In­stru­men­tal­i­ty/Third Im­pact 50% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3629

Rei will de­stroy the other Rei clones orig­i­nal 25% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3628

What will come of Rei, merged with Shinji at the end of 2.0?

A Rei x Shinji end­ing orig­i­nal 20% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3622



Sadly for Ka­ji, the most in­ter­est­ing ques­tions are:

  1. When will he die?

  2. Who will kill or be killed?



The Key of Neb­uchad­nez­zar will be im­planted into Gendo 60% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3595 The Key of Neb­uchad­nez­zar will be im­planted into Gen­do, in his hand 55% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3596

Gen­do’s trav­els (3.0 pre­view in­di­cates they are abroad):

Gendo will, in per­son, phys­i­cally at­tack Shinji in 3.0 orig­i­nal 50% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3593

Gen­do’s ul­ti­mate goal in 4.0 will not be to re­unite with Yui, but to turn her into a god-like en­tity orig­i­nal 4% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3592

Yui will sep­a­rate from Eva-01 and be phys­i­cally hu­man at some point orig­i­nal 15% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3591

Gendo will die pro­tect­ing Shinji in some sense orig­i­nal 30% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3590



Orig­in; Rei came from Yui & Lilith, yes, but Ka­woru?


Ka­woru will be re­named 35% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3588 Ka­woru will be re­named to “Ka­woru Nag­isanami” orig­i­nal 25% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3589

Ka­woru will again be faced with a choice be­tween com­mit­ting sui­cide or killing hu­man­ity orig­i­nal 70% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3586 Ka­woru will again be faced with a choice be­tween com­mit­ting sui­cide or killing hu­man­ity and will not choose sui­cide orig­i­nal 30% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3587

Ka­woru will kill a kit­ten orig­i­nal 35% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3585

Ka­woru will kill an An­gel orig­i­nal 60% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3584


How will Rit­suko Ak­agi die?


Kozo Fuyut­suki dies (be­fore Third Im­pact/In­stru­men­tal­i­ty) orig­i­nal 30% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3574


Medi­ums will in­clude live-ac­tion like EoE:

A ver­sion of the song “Komm, süsser Tod” will be used in Re­build: http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/5809

The fourth wall will be bro­ken by:


How will 3.0 open?

There will be no Third Im­pact orig­i­nal orig­i­nal 40% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3572

In 4.0, there will be an epi­logue set years later orig­i­nal 35% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3571

“Arael at­tacks the se­questered NERV per­son­nel with a wide beam, pro­vid­ing for a mind­fuck­ery ex­po­si­tion scene fea­tur­ing the other adults fi­nal­ly.” orig­i­nal 5% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3570

The en­tity in Ter­mi­nal Dogma is still Lilith (of NGE TV) in some sense orig­i­nal 95% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3569

The 4 pi­lots (Sh­in­ji, Asuka, Mari, Rei) each have a piece of Adam’s soul in ad­di­tion to their own, with Ka­woru hav­ing the main piece orig­i­nal 25% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3566

The Key of Neb­uchad­nez­zar:

The coffins on the moon each con­tain or con­tained an An­gel. 95% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3563

The Fi­nal An­gel is EoE-Shogoki (and not Ka­woru) orig­i­nal 5% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3565

The First An­ces­tral Race will be men­tioned by name in Re­build. 50% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3318

The First An­ces­tral Race will re­veal them­selves and will come to Earth per­son­ally in 3.0 to pun­ish Rei-Sh­in­ji/Shogoki for tres­pass­ing into their do­main of pow­er. orig­i­nal 10% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3317

The four Chil­dren men­tioned in the 3.0 pre­view turn out to be: Shin­ji, Mari, Ka­woru and Asuka orig­i­nal 80% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3316

3.0 & 4.0 will de­con­struct Shin­ji’s hero­ism and re­veal it to be a sham a la Nor­man Spin­rad’s The Iron Dream orig­i­nal 20% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3315

By the end of 4.0, the Earth’s oceans will be blue (and full of life) and not red & life­less orig­i­nal orig­i­nal 35% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3314

4.0 will end on or near a blue wave shot to par­al­lel the red wave shot that opened 1.0, and ended EoE orig­i­nal 15% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3313

Shinji will mas­tur­bate to Asuka at some point dur­ing Re­build 10% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3285

What is Rebuild anyway?

Re­build is a par­al­lel uni­verse:

Re­build is a se­quel:

  1. Re­build is a se­quel to a pre­vi­ous NGE work 2% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3307
  2. Re­build is a se­quel to it­self (time-loop) 10% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3310

Re­build is a dream:

  1. a dream in EoE

  2. a dream in NGE TV



Real world


Work details


3.0 will not be longer than 60 min­utes 15% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3290 4.0 will not be longer than 60 min­utes 20% http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3291 Nei­ther 3.0 nor 4.0 will be longer than 60 min­utes http://pre­dic­tion­book.­com/pre­dic­tion­s/3292


Release dates

NGE TV will be re­leased on Blu­ray:

EoE will be re­leased on Blu­ray



Live action

Dramatis personae