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October 2017 gwern.net newsletter with links on heritability, AlphaGo Zero, peer review, gifted-and-talented; 1 book & 1 movie review.
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  • , Steven D. Carter
  • Twig, Wildbow (better than Pact, focusing on small-group dynamics, but I found the ultimately political arc less interesting than the worldbuilding which is mostly discarded halfway through, a number of subplots whimpering out, and Wildbow succumbs to pacing problems halfway again like in Pact & Worm, with several long dull arcs which badly need to be cut down to size)



  • (one of the best movies I’ve seen all year, well worth paying to see on the big screen, and a great sequel to . It manages to avoid the crack-cocaine-like pacing of most big Hollywood blockbusters, is visually stunning and a match for Blade Runner’s visual flair, borrows interesting elements from & the Star Wars sequels, and the story is excellent to boot—a subtle meditation on love and parenthood. Is the love of a dog or AI or (several) replicants any less meaningful for being designed?)