November 2016 news

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The December issue will likely be late as I am traveling most of that month: I will be in Oxford, England 11–22 December for the Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk (12–14 December) and FHI workshop on AI Safety and Blockchain (16–17 December), and in London 24–25 December.





  • (Marvel action movie featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch is always great fun to watch be superior to other people. Much of the plot is fairly perfunctory like the standard kung-fu-training-in-Tibet + Hollywood Buddhism trope, and the real fun is not the awkward martial arts but the space-warping mechanic employed in most of the fighting: it is a fascinating special effect, used much more extensively than the ‘city warping’ in Inception, and I really enjoyed watching those scenes. The finale offers an equally memorable use of a time-rewinding effect and a nice if somewhat simple resolution using time loops. Oddly, Arrival also relies on time loops for its resolution, so both movies I watched in November used that plot device. Doctor Strange doesn’t take time manipulation to nearly the heights of Braid or Primer, and only stands out in memory for the cityscape warping, but I was able to enjoy the movie for what it was.)
  • (good stupid fun; each fight is more ridiculous than the last)
  • (see my review of Stories of Your Life and Others)