March 2015 News

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This is the March 2015 edi­tion of the Gw­ newslet­ter; pre­vi­ous, .

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  • LLLT self­-ex­per­i­ment fin­ished: no effect (so ear­lier cor­rel­a­tive re­sults were grossly over­es­ti­mat­ed; I’m start­ing to ex­pect this from any­thing non-ran­dom­ized…)
  • an ICE sub­poena on my Red­dit ac­count caused me a good deal of trou­ble
  • play­ing with in­fer­ring Bayesian net­works for my Zeo & body weight data (pow­er­ful gen­er­al­iza­tion of SEMs, but re­quires a lot of data be­fore net­works sta­bi­lize)





  • Harry Pot­ter and the Meth­ods of Ra­tio­nal­ity
  • Li­u’s
  • Wild­bow’s Pact (re­view)
  • The Ac­ci­den­tal Space Spy (Thors­by; an earth­ling is ac­ci­den­tally im­pressed into chas­ing after an an­thro­pol­o­gist and thrown into ex­otic (and dead­ly) alien cul­tures, where he strug­gles to un­der­stand their bi­olo­gies & re­pro­duc­tive strate­gies & evo­lu­tion­ary pres­sures while stay­ing alive. He does, most char­ac­ters don’t. The art is best de­scribed as ‘dire but it may grow on you’, and the real joy is just the sheer va­ri­ety of aliens on offer (a bit like Olaf Sta­ple­don’s —both works throw away more fas­ci­nat­ing alien crea­tures in one or two chap­ters than most SF se­ries have in their en­tire­ty) and try­ing to fig­ure out what evo bi­ol­ogy sce­nario has been pushed to the max by the au­thor—­costly sig­nal­ing of fit­ness, mate guard­ing, short­-term mem­o­ries, placebo effect etc. Some are pretty cool (I re­ally liked the In­vis­i­bil­ity Zone one), oth­ers not so much (placebo effect sce­nario less con­vinc­ing than Robin Han­son’s).)
  • Hit­men for Des­tiny (Thors­by; TvTropes; this was good but not as good as The Ac­ci­den­tal Space Spy, since the art re­mains as di­re, Thorsby again in­dulges in an over­ly-long com­e­dy-of-er­rors, and the mon­sters aren’t quite as fas­ci­nat­ing as the aliens in Space Spy, al­though on the plus side, it still has every­thing that I like about Thorsby (eg I loved the Mex­i­can stand­off with 2 pos­si­bly-loaded guns to­wards the end) with a more co­her­ent and mean­ing­ful sto­ry.)







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