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When I was a high-schooler, I greatly enjoyed formalist ; I was impressed by how much he could do within the strict limit of his template, and I tried my hand at a few comics. Re-reading them, I wish I had been more careful about the spelling & formatting, but they hold up better than most of my juvenilia.


‘cause no human is completely pure of other species’‘obvious’

(See my later essay, An Abortion Dialogue for more on this line of thought.)

but Kolmogorov length, dummy. Obviously.)

See Copyright⁠.

1: I shall be discoursing on E-Prime today! That is a variant on English which removes the exceedingly deceptive verb ‘is’‘Is’‘Is’ also leads one to think that there is some mystical ‘essence’
I’m off to the market! But wait! Why am I even going? I nee a purpose, a super-goal, a ‘Meaning of Life’still
‘They are fiction’, is the answer.

Inspired by ” lithograph.

‘free will’‘gedankenexperiments’
‘observations’‘observations’‘mediocre’would‘Verse’ as in Poetry.)
Plato is best known for his theory that ideas possess an objective existence, residing in the metaphysical realm of the Ideal! Any mundane object can be seen as but an ‘Instantiation’T-Rex, Ideals are unobservable, and hence unfalsifiable! Come, join the Logical Positivist side…
‘Thymos’‘thymos’Also Sprach Zarathustra
Permutation City)
People are so silly an illogical: they’re always running around weeping: “O, the world is subtracted from - cry ye hearts of stone”


You know what’s really popular and hip, just totally ‘in’
‘deicide’. Whatever.)


“feeling blue”“”


See following text for transcripts of the 8 haiku.

The haiku:

Blue can of steel
What promise do you hold?
Salt flesh so ripe

Little slab of meat!
In a wash of clear jelly;
Now I heat the pan

In the cool morning
I fry up a slab of SPAM -
A dog barks next door.

Ears, snouts, and innards
A homogeneous mess.
Pass another slice!

Highly unnatural
The tortured shape of this "food"
A small pink coffin

Slicing your sweet self
salivating in suspense -
Sizzle... Sizzle... Spam!

Pink beefy temptress -
I can no longer remain

Staunch defenders we,
Poetic connoisseurs of the
True deliciousness


‘I dunno, man.’)
‘Hello, Kitty!’“Goodbye, Kitty”?)


‘Gwern’“How’s that exuberance taste?” “Insubstantial!”)
Krazy Kat
Quotes from Buttercup Festival, another old favorite of mine.
three“Eye”“God?” “” “Are my marbles ever coming home?”)