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Anal Sex

Anal sex is often confused with [ambiguous: sodomy]. But in fact sodomy refers to a moral crime (engaging in "unnatural" sexual acts), while anal sex is the sex act itself -- or more accurately, a collection of various sexual acts. While the unimaginative among us believe that anal sex is limited to a penis humping a rectum (in much the way it would fuck a vagina), anal sex is actually far more complicated and varied. Some of these varied forms it encompasses are fisting (yes, just what the name implies), rimming (oral sex for the anus), fingering and finger fucking, anal 69, anal penetration with dildos, conventional sexual intercourse augmented by butt plugs, anal beads, stimulating creams and concoctions applied to the anus, and shoving strange objects (and live hamsters) up your asshole. In a class by itself, although quite intimately related is poo fetishism.

Precisely because of it's intimate association with poo, anal sex is often considered icky and undesirable -- something dirty and stinky that only very twisted people would be into. And of course there is simply no denying the fact that poo does pass through our rectums. But of course pee does pass out our penises and vulvas and very few of us have sworn off all sexual activity because of the icky association with Pissing. The urge to pee rises, the pee exits, we wipe or flick (or what have you), and we go on with life -- and sex.

And so it is with anal sex as well. Just as most men feel more comfortable going down on a woman who washes (i.e. who has a vulva that's clean and hygienic), most people -- male and female -- prefer going down anally on a lover who is equally clean.

For some people, the sensations of entering a clean yet slippery rectum is remarkably similar to entering a clean yet slippery vagina -- warm, soft, and equipped with soft, erotically sensitive skin and firm, responsive muscle tissue.

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