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Suicide Bombers

Homicide Bombers

12 Apr 2002 White House press spokesman Ari Fleischer unveils President Bush's latest neologism: homicide bombing. When asked to justify the change in terminology, Fleischer responds: "The reason I started to use that term is because it's a more accurate description. These are not suicide bombings. These are not people who just kill themselves. These are people who deliberately go to murder others, with no regard to the values of their own life. These are murderers. The President has said that in the Rose Garden. And I think that is just a more accurate description of what these people are doing. It's not suicide, it's murder."
14 May 2002 During a press conference, President George W Bush declares: "In terms of youngsters who are looking for—you know, who are searching for a future, if there's a hopeless future there may be an opportunity to convert them into potential suiciders or potential killers."
30 Apr 2003 White House press spokesman Ari Fleischer declares: "The fact that Saddam Hussein has been removed from power does remove one source of instability that paid for suicide homicide bombers to cross into Israel and take innocent lives."
6 Oct 2003 During a press conference, President George W Bush declares: "I talked to Prime Minister Sharon yesterday. I expressed our nation's condolences, the needless murder of innocent people by the latest suicider."
28 Oct 2003 During a press conference in the Rose Garden, President George W Bush declares: "It is dangerous in Iraq because there are some who believe that we're soft, that the will of the United States can be shaken by suiciders—and suiciders who are willing to drive up to a Red Cross center, a center of international help and aid and comfort, and just kill... The strategy remains the same. The tactics to respond to more suiciders driving cars will alter on the ground."
14 Nov 2003 President George W Bush announces that Saddam Hussein "is paying suiciders to go kill innocent Israelis."
16 Nov 2003 President George W Bush announces that Ariel Sharon is "a man who has presided over suiciders, where he has to go to the funerals of women and children because some cold-blooded killer is trying to destroy the hopes of all the people in the region."
13 Dec 2003 President George W Bush tells Barbara Walters: "These are people that hide in caves, they hide in the dark corners of society, and they use suiciders as their forward army."
8 Feb 2004 President George W Bush tells Tim Russert on Meet the Press: "We remembered the fact that [Saddam] had used weapons, which meant he had weapons. We knew the fact that he was paying for suicide bombers."


11 Dec 1960 In Palm Beach, Florida, retired postmaster Richard Pavlick chooses at the last moment not to ram John F. Kennedy's car and detonate his seven sticks of dynamite. Pavlick later explains that it was out of concern for the President-elect's family: "I did not wish to harm her or the children... I decided to get him at the church or someplace later."
12 Nov 2003 Suicide bombers drive a Soviet-built truck with more than 800 pounds of explosives into Italian military headquarters in Nasiriyah, Iraq. The blast kills 30, including 11 Iraqi bystanders.

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