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Celebrity Deaths

Unknown cancers

  • Bud Abbott, Abbott and Costello.
  • Claude Akins, Sheriff Lobo.
  • Klaus Barbie, Nazi war criminal, died in prison with cancer. "The leading French specialist, a Jew, refused to treat him."
  • Uzi Gal, inventor of the Uzi submachine gun.
  • Rube Goldberg, cartoonist.
  • Armand Hammer, Soviet Agent of Influence.
  • Werner Heisenberg, scientist.
  • Werner Klemperer, actor, Col. Klink.
  • Gummo Marx, Marx Brother.
  • Marlin Perkins, Wild Kingdom (maybe just old age.)
  • Otto Preminger, actor, Batman villain.
  • Edward G. Robinson, actor, Soylent Green.
  • Hugh Trevor-Roper, historian, fooled by fake Adolf Hitler diaries.
  • Walter Winchell, pundit.

Miscellaneous Cancers

  • Richard Feynman, scientist, died from a rare abdominal cancer.
  • H.R. "Bob" Haldeman, Watergate criminal, abdominal cancer.
  • Alan Hale, Jr., The Skipper, cancer of the thymus, Vincent's Medical Center, in Los Angeles.
  • John Houseman, actor, Smith-Barney commercials, spinal cancer.
  • Jack Lemmon, actor, cancer of the gall bladder.
  • Robert Urich, actor, Synovial Cell Sarcoma (a soft tissue cancer.)


  • Karen Carpenter, singer.


27 Mar 1972 Artist M. C. Escher dies of cancer at Rosa-Spier artists' retirement home, Laren Netherlands.
7 Sep 1994 Author James Clavell dies of cancer followed by a stroke, Vevey Switzerland.
7 Jan 2000 Mad Magazine cartoonist Don Martin dies of cancer at Baptist Hospital in Miami FL.
9 Nov 2003 The Honeymooners actor Art Carney dies at his home in Chester CT of an undisclosed illness.

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