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Eagle Scouts

Understandably, the Boy Scouts of America is constantly hyping the astronauts and other successful types who once earned the Eagle Scout rank. Just as understandably, they don't like to talk about their Eagles who went wrong: the pedophiles, murderers, corporate crooks, etc.

Eagle Scouts who have committed heinous crimes:

  • L. Ron Hubbard, founded Scientology.
  • Charles Whitman, Texas belltower sharpshooter.
  • Arthur Gary Bishop, serial killer.
  • John Edward Robinson, serial killer.
  • Fred Phelps, professional intolerant.
  • Marion Barry, crack-smoking former mayor of D.C.
  • Mark Hofmann, the Mormon forger, blew up two people in 1985.
  • Russell Henderson, one of Matthew Shepard's killers.
  • Daniel Altstadt, massacred his family with a hatchet in San Diego, 1975.
  • Ronald Scott Shamburger, convicted murderer, executed by lethal injection.
  • Michael William Brescia, bank robber, white supremacist.
  • Dave Foreman, cofounder of Earth First!
  • Khallid Abdul Muhammad / Harold Moore Jr., Nation of Islam, etc.
  • Gerald Ford, doublecrossed America by pardoning Richard M. Nixon.
  • David Lynch, Julee Cruise promoter.
  • Ross Perot, billionaire.
  • John Tesh, umm, "musician".

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