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    The rebel group more accurately described as a cult—kidnapping children in this part of Uganda in their thousands—is called the Lord's Resistance Army. It is led by a man called Joseph Kony, once an altar boy and now reputed to have 60 wives, to wear women's dresses and occasionally dreadlocks. He is a man who believes he has a direct link with the angels—they speak to him, he tells the captured children, and tell him what to eat and what not to eat, when to eat it and when ambushes are coming his way. He believes he has been handpicked by God to overthrow Uganda's government and introduce the Bible's Ten Commandments as law. Anecdotal evidence by the few who have met him indicate that Joseph Kony might be insane. Still, for 17 years, Uganda's army has failed to defeat him. So the mass kidnapping of little children in northern Uganda goes on.

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