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“Vahrenhorst 2008”, Vahrenhorst 2008

2008-heller.pdf: “Vahrenhorst 2008”⁠, Vahrenhorst (2008-01-01; ; backlinks)

“Vahrenhorst 2004”, Vahrenhorst 2004

2004-heller.pdf: “Vahrenhorst 2004”⁠, Vahrenhorst (2004-01-01; ; backlinks)

“The Munich Longitudinal Study of Giftedness”, Christopher et al 1994

1994-perleth.pdf: “The Munich Longitudinal Study of Giftedness”⁠, Christopher, Perleth und Kurt A., Heller (1994-01-01; ; backlinks)

“Selected Results of the Munich Longitudinal Study of Giftedness: The Multidimensional/typological Giftedness Model”, Perleth et al 1993

1993-perleth.pdf: “Selected results of the Munich longitudinal study of giftedness: The multidimensional/typological giftedness model”⁠, Christopher Perleth, Wolfgang Sierwald, Kurt A. Heller (1993; ; backlinks; similar):

The Munich Longitudinal Study of Giftedness (carried out from 1985 to 1989), the most comprehensive giftedness study ever conducted in Germany, covers 6 cohorts at 3 points of measurement. In this article, the study’s multidimensional and typographical conception of giftedness is explained.

After a short overview, results concerning the validation of the multidimensional giftedness model as well as attempts to establish a giftedness typology are presented. While the multidimensional model proved to be useful for predicting achievement behavior, the typological attempts failed. Finally, it is demonstrated that intelligent and creatively gifted students differ strongly in their achievement behavior.

Consequences for fostering the gifted, especially the creatives, in school are discussed.

“The Nature and Development of Giftedness. A Longitudinal Study”, A. & Heller 1991

1991-heller.pdf: “The Nature and Development of Giftedness. A Longitudinal Study”⁠, Kurt A., Heller (1991-01-01; ; backlinks)