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Anne Roe directory


“Anne Roe Papers, 1949–1974 (bulk)”, Library 1974

“Anne Roe papers, 1949–1974 (bulk)”⁠, American Philosophical Society Library (1974; ; similar):

The collection represents the data that Anne Roe (Mrs. George Gaylord Simpson) collected on 64 scientists for her 1953 book, The Making of a Scientist⁠. The material for each scientist includes transcripts of interviews, Rorschach and Thematic Apperception Tests⁠, personal data, reprints of the scientist’s publications, and letters several years afterward the interview asking for additional information.

[Some of the earliest direct studies of high IQ adults were conducted by Anne Roe, who, akin to SMPY’s use of the SAT, used specially-constructed standardized test items to avoid ceiling effects and could appropriately measure her elite researcher-subjects’ (often Nobel-tier) cognitive abilities, in addition to an intensive battery of other interviews & inventories. While focused more on personality/​psychiatry than psychometrics, Roe’s cross-sectional results are broadly similar to the later SMPY longitudinal results.]

“The Making of a Scientist”, Roe 1953

1953-roe-makingscientist.pdf: “The Making of a Scientist”⁠, Anne Roe (1953-01-01; backlinks)

“A Psychologist Examines 64 Eminent Scientists: The Present Shortage of Qualified Scientific Workers Raises the Question of How They Are Made. Some Interesting Answers Are given by the Techniques of Modern Psychological Testing”, Roe 1952

1952-roe.pdf: “A Psychologist Examines 64 Eminent Scientists: The present shortage of qualified scientific workers raises the question of how they are made. Some interesting answers are given by the techniques of modern psychological testing”⁠, Anne Roe (1952-11-01; backlinks)