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“LSD Microdosing RCT”, Branwen 2012

LSD-microdosing: “LSD microdosing RCT”⁠, Gwern Branwen (2012-08-20; ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ; backlinks; similar):

Self-experiment with sub-psychedelic doses of LSD; no benefit

Some early experimental studies with LSD suggested that doses of LSD too small to cause any noticeable effects may improve mood and creativity. Prompted by recent discussion of this claim and the purely anecdotal subsequent evidence for it, I decided to run a well-powered randomized blind trial of 3-day LSD microdoses from September 2012 to March 2013. No beneficial effects reached statistical-significance and there were worrisome negative trends. LSD microdosing did not help me.

“June 1996 NewType Interview With Hideaki Anno”, Anno & Inoue 2012

1996-newtype-anno-interview: “June 1996 NewType Interview with Hideaki Anno”⁠, Hideaki Anno, Shinichiro Inoue (2012-06-14; ⁠, ; backlinks; similar):

English translation of French translation of Hideaki Anno’s controversial NewType interview at the end of the TV broadcast

The June 1996 issue of NewType (published 10 May) included an interview by Shinichiro Inoue with Hideaki Anno⁠, the director of the controversial TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion which had just finished with 2 unusual episodes on 20 & 1996-03-27, sparking a national discussion & backlash. This interview has been widely alluded to in Eva discussions as Anno gave his initial thoughts on how Eva turned out, what he & Gainax were trying to do, and their reaction to the public reaction.

We translate an unofficial French fan translation into English, providing access to the full interview for the first time.

“Special Talk: Yutaka Izubuchi × Hideaki Anno”, Anno & Izubuchi 2012

2003-rahxephoncomplete-anno-izubuchi: “Special Talk: Yutaka Izubuchi × Hideaki Anno”⁠, Hideaki Anno, Yutaka Izubuchi (2012-02-28; ⁠, ⁠, ; backlinks; similar):

Discussion by Izubuchi and Anno of classic mecha anime

This interview was published in the 2003 book RahXephon Complete; it has not been officially translated, but the ANF user Vir arranged for a rough translation. At my request, he gave me a copy and I have heavily edited it to what follows. (Names were translated phonetically; I have done my best to figure out what was meant.)

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“May 1997 AnimeLand Interview With Hideaki Anno (English)”, Anno 2012

1997-animeland-may-hideakianno-interview-english: “May 1997 AnimeLand Interview with Hideaki Anno (English)”⁠, Hideaki Anno (2012-02-28; ⁠, ; backlinks; similar):

English translation of a French anime journalist’s interview of Hideaki Anno on anime and Evangelion in 1996-10-04.

Fan translation of an 1996-10-04 interview with anime director Hideaki Anno shortly after the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion TV but before the movies, published in 1997 in the French anime magazine AnimeLand, and translated into English here.

This Anno interview is notable for Anno discussing his reaction to the public reaction to Evangelion, his attitude towards celluloid & animation (vis-a-vis the experimental ending), and denying that Christianity was a more than superficial theme.

“Silk Road 1: Theory & Practice”, Branwen 2011

Silk-Road: “Silk Road 1: Theory & Practice”⁠, Gwern Branwen (2011-07-11; ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ⁠, ; backlinks; similar):

History, background, visiting, ordering, using, & analyzing the drug market Silk Road 1

The cypherpunk movement laid the ideological roots of Bitcoin and the online drug market Silk Road; balancing previous emphasis on cryptography, I emphasize the non-cryptographic market aspects of Silk Road which is rooted in cypherpunk economic reasoning, and give a fully detailed account of how a buyer might use market information to rationally buy, and finish by discussing strengths and weaknesses of Silk Road, and what future developments are predicted by cypherpunk ideas.