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Wikipedia Résumé

A precis of my work on the English Wikipedia, 2004-2017 (edit counts, articles by subject, and particularly notable articles)

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Over the more than decade I have worked on the English Wikipedia⁠, I have written a few things. Some might wonder what, exactly, but not want to dig through >95,1331 edits (on English only). But even I don’t remember everything I have done!


I’ve done my best to pull together a list of my major contributions; I’ve based it on the results from the toolserver⁠, specifically 2 of Soxred’s tools which return lists of pages created and articles most edited for a user:

  1. Most edited articles:

  2. Articles created:

Those lists are unreliable, however. They are incomplete; ‘created’ may be misleading, as I make many redirects which may be turned into an actual article by a later user (for example, I am credited with creating the valuable computer science article green threads when all I did was redirect that name to the main article on threads). The tool tries to filter out redirects, but may be wrong. The most-edited listings are also misleading in the sense that a great many edits on a page may simply be undoing vandalism; I do not list René Descartes below because my dozens of edits there are just reverts and I do not feel reverts are a particularly valuable service. Article writing is. Some such articles are listed where I have watched them for many years and feel that my supervision has risen to the level of a major contribution. Conversely, sometimes I have written articles offline and then added them as single giant edits with a few followup edits to fix formatting errors; such articles would not show up very highly on the most-edited list.

I am certain that some of the following entries are erroneous, and I have omitted some articles that should be included. But I have done what I can. I am especially proud of the highlighted articles such as the Medici bank⁠, Brethren of Purity articles, and the Fujiwara no Teika article.

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American history

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Japanese art









Star Wars

  1. This is based on summing total + deleted edits through Kate’s editcounter; this apparently leads to an underestimate, since the live editcount (2012-05-12) in Special:Preferences for User:Gwern is 42,400 edits versus 38,806 according to Kate.↩︎

  2. My Teika article bears a unique distinction: it is the only Wikipedia work on which I have profited (as opposed to the 3 stalkers I earned at various points), by selling it to the New World Encyclopedia (a Moonie encyclopedia).↩︎