Research Bounties On Fulltexts

A list of papers/books/materials I have failed to obtain, and financial bounties for anyone who can provide copies to me or the Internet.
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created: 31 Dec 2018; modified: 14 Jun 2019; status: in progress; confidence: log; importance: 1

Sometimes in research, despite my best search techniques, I am unable to get a digital copy of a paper or book. This page lists my failures to date, and offers bounties for anyone who can get me a digital copy of them (often possible via a university ILL department, which are no longer accessible to me).

Unless otherwise specified, the current bounty is $10 for papers/theses/chapters & $20 for books/videos/miscellaneous; I can do Bitcoin, PayPal or Amazon gift cards most easily, other payment methods will be more work. (I may pay bounty+costs if not unreasonable or you contact me in advance with the total.)

To claim a bounty, contact me with the copy. (Payments are first-come-first served unless you contact me in advance so I can remove it from the list & avoid unnecessary duplication.)

Current count of filled bounties: 28.




  • Muji, Jasper Morrison et al 2010 (ISBN 0847834875) [book]
  • Designing Design, Hara 2015/2018 (ISBN 3037784504) [book]







  • Thorndike, Robert 1967. “Vocabulary Test G-T: Directions and Norms”. New York: Institute of Psychological Research, mimeograph.
  • McGurk 1951, “Comparison of the Performance of Negro and White High School Seniors on Cultural and Noncultural Psychological Test Questions” (PhD thesis)
  • Lowenthal & Wason 1977, “Academics and their writing”. London Times Literary Supplement, June 24, p. 782.

Overview effect:



  • 8 papers which I found cited in chapter 3 “Carbon Dioxide” of Emergency and Continuous Exposure Guidance Levels for Selected Submarine Contaminants, National Research Council (2007):

    • Radziszewski, E., L. Giacomoni, and R. Guillerm. 1988. “Effets physiologiques chez l’homme du confinement du longue duree en atmosphere enrichie en dioxyde de carbone”. Pp. 19-23 in Proceedings of the Colloquium on Space and Sea [in French]. European Space Agency, Brussels, Belgium (as cited in NRC 1996). [paper]
  • Kajtar L, Herczeg L, Lang E. 2003. “Examination of influence of CO2 concentration by scientific methods in the laboratory” In: Proceedings of Healthy Buildings 2003, 7–11 December 2003. Singapore: Stallion Press, 176–181. [paper/chapter]




  • Unknown title, survey article cited on “Integrated Cognitive Systems”, pg92 of On Machine Intelligence, Donald Michie:

    How long is it likely to be before a machine can be developed approximating to adult human standards of intellectual performance? In a recent poll [8], thirty-five out of forty-two people engaged in this sort of research gave estimates between ten and one hundred years. There is also fair agreement that the chief obstacles are not hardware limitations. [8]

      1. European AISB Newsletter, no. 9, 4 (1969)

Decision theory

  • Philosophical Papers, Frank P. Ramsey / D. H. Mellor (ed.), 1990, ISBN 0521376211
  • Frank Ramsey (1903–1930): A Sister’s Memoir, Margaret Paul 2012, ISBN 9781854632487
  • “The Application of the ‘Law of Error’ to the Work of the Brewery” (William Sealy Gosset, 1904 Laboratory Report, Nov. 3, 1904)